AgilerMe Mobile Business Data Service


The Service brings state of art mobile and cloud technology to efficiently track labor, material and equipment usage, test and inspection data, harvest and products, notes and package, sample and delivery tracking using mobile device. The cloud portal provides the insight in to your business. The data acquired at the locations are consolidated and can be downloaded for accounting and payroll processing. This make your operation simple and error free. You can proactively mange your business from the various analytical reports displayed in graphical and report mode.

Simple daily work flow

  1. Optional step, Upload master if any changes to employee, service items, fields, Inventory materials, Equipments and test items lists
  2. Optional, download master to mobile phone before collecting data, if necessary
  3. Use the mobile phone to collect harvest or product data if applicable to your business, labor, material usage,equipment Usage, soil, environment, inspection data and tracking packages at locations.
  4. Upload data from mobile device to cloud
  5. Use the portal to download the consolidated data, applying corrections and view and download reports.